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The Herald

Tom Shields Diary

An Internet site, the Helen Liddell Fan Pages, is brought to our attention. We fear there is irony in the title. The author of her biography on the site


appears to be less than a fan.

"She is not, as the old saying goes, the sort of woman you would go home to with a broken pay packet. Yet, very soon now, the whole of Scotland - and most particularly its newly elected Holyrood Parliament - could be feeling the blunt end of her matriarchal tongue.

"Sharp-suited, hard-faced, and with hair that often looks as if it is wired direct into a mains electricity supply, Liddell is a caricaturist's dream . . .

"She has been described incorrectly but amusingly as a cross between Miss Jean Brodie and Lulu. Her fellow Labourites know her by other names. To her friends she is Little Nell. Her enemies call her Lady Macbeth or Stalin's Granny."

With a fan club like this, Helen doesn't need any more enemies.

Aug 7

Tom Shields
Tom Shields