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Like Mrs Thatcher, Mrs Liddell is famous for her U-turns.
In the Monklands by-election she first supported Monklands District Council then ditched them when they became a liability to her.

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The Election Truimphs

We have been doing a little research and have just discovered that none other than a certain Mrs Helen Liddell was a Labour candidate for Fife East in - wait for it - the October 1974 general election. In that election Labour secured an overall majority. However, for poor little Nell, the humiliation and shame of being rejected by the electorate with a mere 17 % of the vote was such that she didn't dare show her face in a parliamentary election for another 20 years.

Our heroine first entered parliament in 1994, succeeding the late John Smith, leader of the Labour Party, who had obtained a 15,712 majority over the Scottish National Party in 1992. Although Mrs Liddell came close to losing the by-election, in the massive Labour landslide of 1997 Little Nell came within exactly 300 votes of Mr Smith's 1992 majority.

General election: Fife East, 10 th October 1974

CandidateParty / Pension FundVotes% Votes
Sir John GilmourConservative and Unionist Party16,11638.7 %
James BraidScottish National Party13,20231.7 %
Missus Helen LiddellLabour7,04016.9 %
D. DochertyLiberal Party5,24712.6 %
Conservative holdConservative majority2,9147.0 %

By-election: Monklands East, 30 th June 1994

CandidateParty / Pension FundVotes% Votes
Missus Helen LiddellLabour / Monster Raving Maxwell Party16,96049.8 %
Missus Kay UllrichScottish National Party15,32044.9 %
Stephen GallagherLiberal Democrat8782.6 %
Missus Susan BellConservative and Unionist Party7992.3 %
Mzzzzzz Ali BremnerNetwork against the Criminal Justice Bill690.2 %
Duncan PattersonNatural Law Party580.2 %
Labour holdLabour majority1,6404.9 %

General Election: Airdrie & Shotts, 1 st May 1997

CandidateParty / Pension FundVotes% Votes
Missus Helen LiddellLabour / Monster Raving Maxwell Party25,46061.8 %
Cooncillur Keith RobertsonScottish National Party10,04824.4 %
Doctor Nicholas BrookConservative and Unionist Party3,6608.9 %
Richard WolselyLiberal Democrat1,7194.2 %
Crawford SempleReferendum Party2940.7 %
Labour holdLabour majority15,41237.4 %

Scottish Election: Airdrie & Shotts, 6 th May 1999

Hey haud on a wee minute! Whit's this? She's no staunin? Weel, Jings Help ma Bawb!

Yes, the nasty rumours are true. Despite mouthing off continually about the Scottish Parliament, Little Nell isn't interested enough to stand herself. Never mind, we'll let you know how her replacement does. Watch this space:

CandidateParty / Pension FundVotes% Votes
Mzzzzz Karen WhitefieldNew Labour / Same Old Tories18,33855.2 %
Gil 'What's My Name Again?' PatersonScottish National Party9,35328.2 %
The Right Silly Patrick Ross-TaylorConservative and Unionist Party3,1779.6 %
Ra Revurunt David MillerLiberal Democrats2,3457.1 %
Labour holdLabour majority8,98517.0 %