Helen Langshanks, Scotorum Malleus.

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Little Nell in the Press

The Herald

Deputy Secretary of State for Scotland

Deputy gunning for SNP: 29 th July 1998

Leading role for Deputy: 29 th July 1998

Cool reception for Ice Maiden: 29 th July 1998

Political realist ready for battle ahead: 29 th July 1998

Part-timer jibe at Liddell on full-time public pay: 30 th July 1998

English Holyrood backlash: 31 st July 1998

The phoney war is over: 5 th August 1998

Liddell hits at SNP: 28 th October 1998

Liddell claims there are pre-school addicts: 18 th November 1998

Call for Liddell to quit as school crisis deepens: 24 th November 1998

Liddell canes EIS over school reform: 28 th January 1999

Teachers see Liddell as hostile: 3 rd February 1999

Liddell burgled - burglers uninjured: 23 rd February 1999

Lecturers strike as Liddell sets out strategy: 11 th March 1999

Liddell attacks SNP on business tax: 11 th March 1999

Liddell's critics attack her bright pupils idea: 24 th March 1999

Minister for Transport

Heir non-apparent installed: 18 th May 1999

Liddell job set to rouse English backlash: 18 th May 1999

Arduous task for Liddell: 18 th May 1999

Liddell targeted in Highlands air attack: 15 th June 1999

Liddell offers breakfast and a tour to editor: 7 th July 1999

Liddell hits barrage of criticism: 28 th July 1999

Minister for Trade and Competitiveness in Europe

Unlucky Liddell finds more misfortune: 29 th July 1999

Liddell's remarks fuel euro row: 30 th July 2000

Secretary of State for Scotland

The bus driver's daughter is back in the fast lane: 25 th January 2001

Reid's new Ulster role hands reins to Liddell: 25 th January 2001

A matter of priorities for Liddell: 25 th January 2001

Mother sets the tone in maiden speech: 31 st January 2001

Liddell backs MP's actions over Ahern trip: 9 th February 2001

Who really made the decision?: 9 th February 2001

Demand for answers in Carfin affair: 13 th February 2001

No 10 dismisses SNP call for apology: 15 th February 2001

Liddell chooses Eastwood MP to replace Roy as PPS: 16 th February 2001

Liddell lays into LibDem 'fantasy land': 19 th February 2001