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Minister faces claim of election irregularities

Allegations of election irregularities have been levelled against the Treasury Minister Helen Liddell.

Labour has dismissed the claims, saying they come from a former party worker with a grudge against the MP.

But Strathclyde Police say they are following up the complaint.

Mrs Liddell is alleged to have failed to declare some donations and expenses in her general election paperwork. The sum involved is thought to be less than 500.

The complaint stems from her win in the Airdrie and Shotts constituency on May 1.

Mrs Liddell is seen by some as a Labour high-flier. She currently holds the Treasury post of Economic Secretary.

The Labour Party says it is confident her election returns were right and proper, and believes the claims will prove groundless.

So far Mrs Liddell has made no comment on the matter.

Police say their enquiries are at an early stage.