'Eh? Whit? Monklands? Ah've never even heard of the bloody place!'

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New Labour, Same Old Nepotism

The long awaited report on the allegations surrounding Monklands District Council was published on the 19 th June 1995.

Professor Black QC of Edinburgh University handed over the report which should have been ready in February.

  • It confirmed the allegations of a spending bias with Coatbridge being favoured over neighbouring Airdrie.

  • It spotlighted the high level of complaint that Labour Party links were a route to a job in Monklands District Council.

  • There was found to be 12 % higher spending on housing in Coatbridge.

  • On national TV, the local MP Helen Liddell referred to the affair as "the mess that is now Monklands".

Professor Black also received many allegations of criminal conduct but was barred from investigating these by the remit of his appointment. These allegations, some of which involved Councillors, were passed to the Crown office.

Rebel Labour councillor Brian Brady commented:

"This only vindicates the position we have previously taken."

SNP group leader Cllr Neil Douglas stated:

"There are many more things to come out in Monklands"

Blonde Bombshell, Mrs Helen Liddell the stunning Labour MP for Monklands East commented:

"Quite frankly, action should have been taken earlier, action should be taken now. My constituents will be feeling angry with the Labour Party just now."

However, in the run up to the by-election in Monklands East, Tom Clarke, MP for Monklands West described the nepotism allegations as "McCarthyite Smears"

Professor Black's report published a year later clearly vindicates Uncle Tom and casts doubt on all those who have been attempting to highlight malpractice over many years.

For example, of the 21 councillors, as many as 5 had no relatives at all as council employees. The remaining 16 only had a total of 68 relatives between them as council employees.

Councillor "G" relatives in council employment

daughters 2
sister 1
sister-in-law 1
brother-in-law 1
son-in-law 1
nephews 2
cousin 1
Total 9

Councillor "H" relatives in council employment

wife 1
daughters 3
nephews 2
sister-in-law 1
brother-in-law 1
son-in-law 1
Total 9

A spokesperson for a certain party who preferred to remain anonymous but who wished to stress that she had absolutely no connection with Monklands District and certainly wasn't a local MP or a part time government minister later commented:

'Accusations of nepotism here are obviously ridiculous. For example, it will be noted immediately that Councillor G's two mistresses, his great great grandfather who died as recently as 1823, his dog Antoine, his bitch Cherry and his crab Peter are amongst numerous members of the family who are not employed by the council.

You might as well accuse the highly respected Labour MPs Rosemary McKenna and Michael Martin of nepotism as Monklands District Council!'