Elite II

Goanae nae dae that, son, I ken how tae spell 'Bahookie'!

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Helen's Interactive Story

Allo thir lads an lassies; Yez might remembir that I writ a fair guid spicey wee book caad 'Elite' a few years back. Weel, I've no much tae dae theze days so I wiz thinin that I cud write anuver ane, ye ken?

Ra scunner iz that ah canny think o much tae write. Well ah can, but they wid all sue me ye ken!

So goana daes a favour likes, an gies a wee haun tae write a story. Ah'm nae promising that yir name will be on the batter, but I'll gie ye a free copie when it comes oot.

Little Nell.

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