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The Sun, page 3

It's Helen Liddell the net pin-up. Exclusive

Andrew Nicoll, Scottish Political Reporter, Friday March 12, 1999

Spoof fan club on Web

NAT-BASHER Helen Liddell is piling up the hits - with a spoof fan club on the Internet.

The site describes the Education Minister as a cross between Joan of Arc and Alexis Carrington - the bitch in American soap Dynasty played by Joan Collins - to her adoring fans.

Gushing Internet groupies said: "She is worth every single penny of the 77,000 salary which she is paid at taxpayer's expense.


"But Helen Liddell is not just a hard-working politician.

"She has also found the time to bring up two children and write a racy novel whose intellectual content is only surpassed by truly great literature like what Barbara Cartland wrote.

"And if all that wasn't enough, Mrs Liddell is by far the most glamorous doll in British Politics since Baroness Thatcher was put out to pasture."

They reckon she hates being described as Scotland's answer to former Conservative Prime Minister Mrs Thatcher.

One message about the deputy Scots Secretary says: "Her enemies say she's Scotland's answer to Mrs Thatcher and her friends say she's Scotland's answer to Mrs Thatcher."

Club members keep remembering she was right-hand man to crook Robert Maxwell.

They insist her favourite food is pension fund managers, her favourite coffee is Maxwell House, her favourite cosmetics come from Max Factor and Max Headroom is her favourite TV personality.

And she has one message claiming to be from T. Blair - who says he thinks she's gorgeous but he's frightened to say too much because "Cherie gets jealous."

Another E-mail - allegedly from Alex S, in Banff, Aberdeenshire - claimed: "I love when she says nasty things about me. I've been a bad nationalist and need to be punished."