Little Nell's Career

Ah'm lookin fur a guid joab but naebodie wants me

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Little Nell's Curriculum vitae

Born : 1950 Coatbridge (Oh, aye, ah'm a local lassie)

School Education : St Patrick's (RC) High School, Coatbridge

University Education : Strathclyde University (BA Economics & Politics)

Career Ootside Parliament

1971- 1975
STUC, Head of the Economics Department
1975- 1976
STUC, Assistant Secretary
1976- 1978
BBC Scotland, Economics Correspondent
1977- 1988
Scottish Labour Party, General Secretary
1988 - 1991
Scottish Daily Record and Sunday Mail, Director of Personnel and Public Affairs
1991- 1992
Scottish Daily Record and Sunday Mail, Director of Corporate Affairs
1993- 1994
Glasgow Business Venture, Chief Executive

Career Inside Parliament

Helen Liddell was elected MP for Monklands East in a triumphal by election victory on 30 th June 1994.


June 1994 - May 1997
Member of Parliament for Monklands East
May 1997 -
Member of Parliament for Airdrie and Shotts

Spokesperson posts

1995 - May 1997
Opposition Spokesperson on Scotland

Ministerial Offices

May 1997 - July 1998
Treasury: Treasury Economic Secretary (Minister of State)
July 1998 - May 1999
Scottish Office: Deputy Secretary of State for Scotland (Minister of State)
May 1999 - July 1999
Dept of Transport, Environment and the Regions: Minister for Transport (Minister of State attending Cabinet meetings)
July 1999 - January 2001
Dept of Trade and Industry: Minister for Trade and Competitiveness in Europe (Minister of State)
January 2001 -
Scotland Office: Secretary of State for Scotland


Appointed member of the Privy Council


A bodice-ripping political novel (Elite) was published in 1990.